Clinique d'hypnothérapie et de relation d'aide

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Catalyst Coaching


Catalyst Coaching™


HYPNOSIS COMBINED WITH LIFE COACHING: The basis of coaching is the setting of goals. Hypnosis puts those goals directly into your client’s subconscious mind.

Catalyst COACHING™ provides you with specifically set goals with dates of completion no more than 90 days in the future. These may be stand-alone or action steps in the accomplishment of more long-term goals.

Either way, you will be listening at least every other night to
YOUR own specific goals put into hypnotic suggestions engaging your subconscious mind in manifesting the goals into reality while the conscious mind is engaged through coaching.

You will have specific goals, action steps for accomplishing those goals, combined with the intense desire, the will to learn whatever it takes, and the determination to do whatever is necessary (in alignment with your highest values) to make those goals a reality.

People who have such a plan have always been measurably more successful than those who did not have these advantages.

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