Clinique d'hypnothérapie et de relation d'aide

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Life Guidance Discovery


The Life Guidance Discovery Session!

With this powerful session YOU will set your goals in order of priority and have a written road map for getting from where you are now to where you want to be!

Life Guidance Discovery Session is done through Skype or telephone.

YOU will set your priorities in the following areas:

  • POTENTIAL: Basic uses of auto suggestion and Self Hypnosis for Self-Actualization

  • MIND: Memory and Comprehension Enhancement

  • HEALTH: Body Awareness & Control, Weight Release, Athletic Abilities & Rejuvenation

  • SUCCESS: Time management, goal setting, goal manifestation and Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • CREATIVITY: Enhancing Inspiration, Creative Skill, & Confidence

  • SPIRITUAL: Exploration or Psychic Abilities, Healing and Life Mission

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Establishing and Enhancing Personal Relationships

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