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Self Hypnosis


Refresh yourself with self hypnosis!

Learn Self-Hypnosis: Why?

Most knowledgeable people will agree that the mind is an extremely powerful force - perhaps the most powerful force in the universe. Self-hypnosis provides a means of using this power to personal advantage: to achieve self mastery! 

While hypnosis is powerful and effective in many professional fields, it can produce dramatic results when individually used by those who master the techniques of self-hypnosis. It can be particularly helpful in changing attitudes, increasing self-confidence, learning enhancement, memory improvement, stress and pain management, habit control, bedwetting, motivation and countless other areas of personal concern. 

Self-hypnosis has proved successful in advancing athletic skills and is used by Olympic contenders in many nations.

Every individual has tremendous sources of power available on demand. Self-hypnosis is the means of accessing and utilizing such power.

It has been pointed out by many speakers and many writers in many different world formations that "what your mind can conceive, you can achieve!"

Self-hypnosis is the tool which can turn your dream into reality.

Self-hypnosis, used in conjunction with imagination and visualization, can generate the power to change, the power to create, the power to progress toward self-actualization.

Self hypnosis Course:
Fee: 325$ + taxes (Consists of three sessions)

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