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Clinique d'hypnothérapie et de relation d'aide
Spécialisée pour vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs de bien-être !
Specialized in helping you reach your objectives for well-being!
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At Clinique d'hypnothérapie et de relation d'aide, we are committed to providing the best hypnotherapy services.

We offer professional and courteous assistance to our clients to help them achieve their objectives for their well-being needs.

That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one client after the other.

Don't just take our word for it - be sure to read through our client testimonials, and you'll see why people choose us!

"OMG it worked! I woke several times in the night and my mind started racing and I said firmly in my head 'WWT' and visualized my red WWT sign. Then I replaced my original thought with 'This is my opportunity to teach my body to sleep'. I fell right back asleep each time! It happened five to seven times and each time I calmly fell right back asleep. Tis is SO COOL!! I just wanted to say thank you for helping me so much. Words cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate all your hard work and support." A.A. 2016

" Hi Pierre! I just wanted to say how much I am looking forward to our next session. Although I've done hypnotherapy before, I feel as this was a very different experience and I have a genuine belief that this might just be the thing that brings me closer to my goal!" Z.M. 2017

"Even though I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy and wondering how could I ever be put under the influence of hypnosis, whenI've always been in control of my life, I still wanted to give it a try. So after getting a referral from the Hypnotherapy Association, I decided  to call Pierre and book my first appointment. I was a smoker 'in the closet' with none of my family members knowing that I smoked and what started as a social past time, became a full time obligation or dependency. After my first couple of appointments with Pierre, I don't know how or what he did, but I was astonished as to my immediate cessation of smoking. I wasn't at all craving any cigarettes and on top of that, wasn't feeling any stress or anxiety related to my quitting smoking. I can officially say 'I am a Non-Smoker' and it is all thanks to Pierre and his Hypnotherapy treatments. I would recommend everyone to book their first appointment with Pierre, which may be the hardest thing for them to do, but will definitely be the most rewarding thing they do! Thanks Pierre, I still don't know how you did it to get me to quit smoking immediately after my first appointmtent, and I don't need to know. WHat I know is that I am a non-smoker and I am thankful for it." Anonymous 2016

“Pierre, I commend your problem-solving skills. You have helped me progress and overcome some personal challenges... much sooner than I expected! I am also impressed with the way you have helped one of my colleagues. You are professional, goal-oriented and very efficient. I would not hesitate to refer you again. Thank you.” M.P.

“Good afternoon Pierre Benoit, hypnotherapy for me is like the cherry on top of a sundae. You do the work it takes to build a better foundation and then you heal the past. You start to understand who you were and you begin to know who you want to be. You work hard at keeping the past out of the present. Not always easy. You look at all you have accomplished, but there is still something missing. The cherry. For me hypnosis, showed me how to separate the past with the present. Hypnosis not only showed me the separation of the part holding me back. It gave me the strength to cut that part of me away. Now I feel free and at peace. I no longer live as the young frightened child. She does not exist anymore. So like the cherry sitting on top of the sundae, I am sure, bright and shining and proud sitting on the top of my life.” D.

" Dear M. Benoit, thank you very much for your support and assistance these past few weeks. Your professional intervention has helped me to address my anxiety as well as resolve my sudden panic when traveling on an airplane. I have continued with the self-hypnosis exercises that you taught me and have found the process to be relaxing as well as helpful. I no longer feel anxious and last weekend enjoyed a flight to New York City where I spent time with friends. The only regret that I have now, is that I no longer have sessions with you! I came to look forward to the wonderful sense of freedom and release that I experienced with each visit. Your guidance and understanding have helped me turn things around to focus on the positive. Many thanks. Sincerely.” J.W.

" Hello Pierre Benoit, I take great pleasure in telling you that I had an amazing trip to Las Vegas! I was calm and relaxed and feeling excited to be on a trip. My daughters kept telling me each day how I have changed. They were just amazed at how calm I was. I am very thankful to have given myself this gift. I am also grateful that you took the time and effort to learn such a life changing profession. I truly feel better each day. I do not wake up to anxiety anymore. I awake feeling relaxed and calm. No more sick feeling to fight off to start the day. Thank you for helping me, it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Sincerely.” D.B.

“ Dear Pierre Benoit, I would like to thank you for helping me through the issues and problems I was having. In my case I was having physical tension and stress in my head, jaw and stomach. I was also having many night terrors. I had previously tried months of osteopathy and acupuncture treatments without success. After the first session of hypnosis, you had helped me get rid of the stomach tension, one of my biggest problems. After that we slowly dealt with personal issues I would never have thought were troubling me, and one by one, my stresses and tensions got better and slowly went away. I would gladly recommend you to family and friends, you acted with much professionalism and were trustworthy and easy to talk to.” S.J.

“ I am 38 years old. I started smoking at the age of 16 and enjoyed it thoroughly; I was instantaneously hooked. My addiction was severe enough that I was unable to quit during my two pregnancies. I felt extremely guilt, but even that did not stop me! Don’t get me wrong, I have tried many times to quit using all methods available; from cold turkey and smoke-enders to the patch. I was very unsuccessful and never managed to stop for more than three weeks. I finally came to the understanding and realization that I would smoke until I die. I couldn’t face another struggle or disappointment... It was just too difficult. I was convinced that I did not have what it takes to quit and I couldn’t face disappointing everyone once again... Another failure... The gratification of smoking was simply too strong. However, my two children kept persisting and continued to beg me to quit and deep down, I really was scared to get cancer. Like a broken record, I started telling my friends and family I was going to quit in the fall. Consciously I was ready but subconsciously I feared I was going to fail. Then I remembered speaking to Pierre Benoit about hypnosis. I said to myself, I need all the help I can get! I picked a ‘quitting date’ and made an appointment with Pierre Benoit. I quit smoking on November 1st and I had my first appointment on November 3rd. Pierre explained what the sessions involved. The rest is history. I have been smoke free ever since... It really does work! The only prerequisites are: Determination to quit and an appointment with Pierre... and you are on your way! I would like to thank Pierre for his confidence and guidance through this difficult phase in my life. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. Thank you.” D.H.

“ I was pleasantly surprised by my hypnotherapy experience. I was somewhat skeptical at first but Pierre put my mind at ease by explaining the basics of hypnosis and assuring me that we could address my problem. That being said, the process involved setting a goal and working toward that goal and I think I was comforted by the fact that Pierre did not refer to it as my ‘problem’. It put a very positive spin on everything. Since I did hypnosis with Pierre, I feel that my self-confidence has increased and that I have a more positive outlook in general. I feel as though I am finally becoming an assertive adult and this is extremely rewarding. I will do my best to maintain this positive outlook and confidence but I am certain that Pierre will be available in the future should I ever need a refresher. I would definitely recommend hypnosis for anyone who has ever said to themselves ‘I can’t help the way I am’. Life is not perfect but knowing that things CAN change makes the challenges easier to face. Thank you for all your help!”  I.O.

“ Dear Pierre, thank you for your services. I found your sessions both informative and very helpful in aiding me to relax, and it resulted in a more restful sleep. I found this kind of alternative therapy far better and healthier than taking medications. Take care and I will get in touch with you should I ever need your services again.” B.K.

“ Hi Pierre, it has been two months now and I am still a nonsmoker. Although I will admit that at times it is difficult. I would recommend hypnosis and especially you to anyone who is willing to become a nonsmoker. In fact, I believe my sister-in-law saw you last week. Hypnosis is not a cure all or a magic bullet and the process is hardly what I expected it to be. All I know is that it helped me. I feel as if it gave me that extra little edge that I need to keep on plugging away. Thanks for your help Pierre.” N.P.

“ To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter as testimony to the services provided by Pierre Benoit. I approached Pierre in August 2008 seeking help for my fear of public speaking. I was experiencing severe anxiety when confronted with speaking engagements and this was causing me difficulties in my professional life as my job required me to present and give public speaking on a frequent basis. I had tried some self help techniques but the results were mixed. I finally turned to Pierre as a last resort to help me overcome this problem. I found Pierre to be very reassuring and easy to talk to and he quickly helped me understand some of the reasons behind my fear. After my first session of hypnosis I noticed instant results in my level of confidence and over all well being. My first speaking engagement after this session was the same day and I felt more assured and relaxed in my ability to deliver the presentation. Pierre scheduled a further three sessions with me and after each session my self confidence grew and my focus increased. Pierre was also able to teach me a self hypnosis technique that I use on a regular basis to cope with any issues that come up in my daily life. I have no hesitation in recommending Pierre and his services to anyone seeking to overcome personal problems such as mine. I have chosen not to reveal my name and identity.”

“ Dear Pierre, just a little note to say ‘thanks so much in every way’. I cannot thank you enough for helping me quit smoking and get my life back. You are truly an exceptional person... a true healer... and I am beyond fortunate to have met you and had your help in guiding me along the path of my life. Thank you so much. Did I mention how amazing you are at what you do? And this is coming from a true skeptic!” S.I.

“ Dear Pierre, I wanted to share my feelings with you about your general conduct, demeanor and practice. In the time I have known you and the times we met every Thursday morning, I always noted your consummate professional behaviour coupled with the tact needed to render people at ease with their issues. We had many conversations on virtually any topic imaginable and your calm, level headed approach to things was refreshing. You have a realistic approach to your therapeutic sessions that maximizes your client’s success rate. They enter their session with a genuine feeling of what they should expect and what is expected of them. This partnership approach is essential to therapies such as yours. I am sure your clients appreciate and benefit from it. I have and continue to recommend your services to anyone seeking hypnotherapeutic assistance. I wish you all the best in your practice and will keep in touch.” M.C.

" Bonjour M. Benoit, Je voulais partager mon expérience avec vos potentiels futurs clients... J'ai décidé de consulter M. Benoit pour traiter l'anxiété que j'ai depuis toujours. Suite à deux thérapies et à plusieurs sessions de réflexologie qui m'ont apporté certains résultats positifs mais l'anxiété demeurait toujours très présente. M. Benoit a réussi en quelques sessions à améliorer grandement mon état d'anxiété qui était journalier et qui est devenu maintenant occasionnel. Quelle liberté! Les méthodes d'hypnose enseignées par M. Benoit me permettent maintenant de gérer et de calmer mon anxiété au besoin... Un grand merci!" A.C. 2017

“ J’ai un fils de 14 ans qui souffre d’un déficit d’attention. Mon fils exprime que malgré les succès vécus avec le médicament, il veut trouver une autre solution à ses troubles de concentration. Je lui explique que nous devons trouver une solution efficace et stable qu’il peut maintenir à l’année longue. J’ai décidé de tenter l’hypnothérapie. Pourquoi l’hypnothérapie? Premièrement j’ai franchi un obstacle important avec l’aide de l’hypnothérapie: aprés 18 ans, j’ai cessé de fumer. Deuxièmement, j’ai lu plusieurs documents sur les effets positifs de l’hypnose sur le déficit d’attention. Mon fils participe bien aux rencontres et fait les exercices recommandés par M. Benoit. Il me confie qu’il applique les techniques apprises dans son environnement scolaire avec succès: Il était fier de m’annoncer qu’il avait eu la 3e note la plus haute de sa classe et que son enseignante était fière de lui. Il m’explique que lorsque l’enseignante a lu la 1ère phrase de la dictée, il n’a rien entendu. Il a immédiatement utilisé une technique apprise en hypnothérapie et une fois réceptif, il a demandé à l’enseignante de répéter la phrase. Cet événement et ce succès lui a permis de réaliser que les techniques sont vraiment rapides et efficaces.” D.H.

“ Cher Pierre, ce que j’ai vraiment aimé du programme de la Clinique d’hypnothérapie et de relation d’aide était la technique non invasive utilisée lors des séances. Vous allez vraiment au rythme de la personne et vous laissez la personne travailler les choses de la façon qu’elle désire. Depuis que j’ai fait de l’hypnose avec Pierre Benoit, je me sens très bien. J’ai remarqué que j,ai une meilleure estime de moi et que je m’auto-critique beaucoup moins qu’avant; j’ai beaucoup plus de pensées positives envers moi-mêmes. J’ai encore du travail à faire pour atteindre les objectifs que je m’étais fixés au départ mais je possède de nouveaux outils pour y arriver grâce à l’hypnose. Merci pour tout, ce fut définitivement un bon investissement.” M.G.

“ Cher Pierre, je tiens absolument à vous remercier pour les résultats atteints avec l’hypnothérapie et la relation d’aide, développé avec vous, rencontre après rencontre. Ces deux techniques employées ont eu un effet formidable sur ma vie. Je ne peux passer sous silence le fait que j’ai une très nette diminution des douleurs que je ressentais et que je contrôle maintenant, pas complètement, mais c’est beaucoup mieux. C’est le jour et la nuit. De plus, vous avez grandement contribué à contrôler mes angoisses et le stress que je contrôle mieux maintenant. Je continue à pratiquer la mise en situation le soir avant de me coucher. Je continuerai à vous référer à toute personne avec des problèmes similaires ou avec des problèmes où je crois que vous pourriez l’aider.” G.D.

“ Monsieur Pierre Benoit, j’ai tellement apprécié votre aide que par la présente je viens vous remercier. Je peux honnêtement dire que grâce à l’hypnothérapie je profite maintenant d’un sommeil réparateur. Pour vos bons conseils et votre professionnalisme encore une fois merci.” M.L.

“ Bonjour, je tenais à vous remercier pour la qualité de vos services professionnels. Si je vous ai consulté, c’est que la difficulté que je vivais se présentait sous forme de symptômes physiques mais la cause, après toutes les vérifications. n’était pas physique. Votre nom m’a été référé par une ostéopathe en qui j’ai une grande confiance. Au départ j’étais prête à vivre l’expérience mais j’étais très craintive face à l’approche d’hypnothérapie ayant peur de perdre le contrôle et d’être sous l’emprise de quelqu’un d’autre. Vous avez su m’expliquer simplement et clairement l’hypnothérapie clinique, vos responsabilités et votre méthode de travail. Après une séance, j’ai constaté que je pouvais explorer des zones de mon subconscient tout en demeurant en contrôle de moi- même. J’ai vu qu’en tout temps, je pouvais réagir si le besoin se présentait. Cette approche, et ce, après quelques séances seulement s’est avérée bénéfique. De plus, à chaque rencontre vous m’avez aidé à comprendre le fonctionnement du subconscient, ce qui m’est utile dans diverses situations de ma vie. Je vous en suis reconnaissante et je n’hésiterai pas à vous référer des personnes.” L.

“M. Pierre Benoit, j’ai barbouillé bien des feuilles avant d’y arriver car je n’ai pas eu ce genre d’occasion dans ma longue vie, de pouvoir écrire une lettre sincère d’appréciation, et même plus, de gratitude, d’avoir été libérée et même ‘reprogrammée.’” J’ai cherché tout au long de ma vie (85 ans) à mettre fin à ma souffrance émotionnelle. Quelques fois, on trouvait l’origine de mon problème, mais personne ne m’avait améné à la solution: la fin de ma souffrance. Enfin, avec vous Pierre Benoit, j’ai trouvé quelqu’un qui a su trouver et me ‘reprogrammer’ pour m’aider à continuer à cheminer dans ce sens. Vous avez toute ma reconnaissance, ma gratitude, pour ce changement dans ma vie.” H.M.

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